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About Us

About Island Heart Care

Founded in 2010, Island Heart Care is West Hawaii's premiere clinic for heart health and maintenance.


With an experienced team of physicians and staff, services include:

  • Cardiology (consultation and treatment)

  • EECP

  • Dr. Dean Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program and Lifestyle       


  • Health Behavior Management Group Visits

Providing you with the best doctors, nurses and

specialists for the best care

Dr. Ameika Headshot.jpg
Dr. James Ameika

Dr. James Ameika is a double Board Certified Cardio-Vascular Surgeon. He is a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons and has practiced Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery & Thoracic Surgery for over 30 years. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,


Dr. Ameika completed his General Surgery Residency at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu and his Cardiothoracic Surgery Training at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.


He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm where his was Chief of Surgery at the 15th Evacuation Hospital in Saudi Arabia and served over 13 years of active duty service in the US Army.


After being Honorably Discharged, he practiced for 23 years with the NEA Baptist Clinic, part of the Baptist Memorial Healthcare System headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

His practice currently encompasses all aspects of Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic disease management including echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, stress testing, electrocardiography, event monitoring, and cardiac risk factor modification


Dr. Ameika accepts most insurance and is contracted with the Veteran’s Administration.

He has lived full time on the Big Island since 2015 with his wife and daughter.

Dr. Boranian Headshot - Hokulea.jpg
Dr. Dickran Boranian

Dr. Dickran Boranian is an internist and the Medical Director of Island Heart Care's Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program.


He received his medical degree from CETEC University Santo Domingo and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

He served as the medical officer on board Hōkūleʻa for Leg 28 from the Galapagos to Rapa Nui during Hōkūleʻa's World Voyage in 2017. 

Dr. Boranian believes in using systems biology to uncover the underlying cause of disease, through a mutually-beneficial therapeutic relationship between patient and practitioner that acknowledges the unique nature of each individual. The ultimate goal is to restore vitality to the patient, which is much more than simply the absence of disease.


Restoring vitality requires supplying that which is lacking and removing that which is in excess; it involves bringing a new sense of balance to the system that facilitates vibrant health.

Most of our modern diseases are created by poor lifestyle choices. By making better dietary choices, becoming more physically active, using simple stress reduction techniques, reconnecting to our communities, supplying that which is lacking and removing excesses, most of these diseases can be reversed.

Dr. Boranian has lived on a small coffee farm in Holualoa on the Big Island for over 26 years where he and his wife, Linda, raised their 3 boys.

Dr. McDevitt Headshot.jpg
Dr. Jeff McDevitt

Dr. Jeffrey McDevitt is a family medicine doctor who received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He practiced family and sports medicine in Kona for over 45 years.


He is now retired from clinical medicine and works exclusively with Island Heart Care's Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, often found engaging with participants during the exercise component.


He has cycled extensively for both recreation and commuting since the 1970s.

In addition to volunteering as the medical doctor for all PATH (People's Advocacy for Trails Hawaii) sponsored races and many other community sports events, Dr. McDevitt co-led the effort in the early 1990s to build mountain bike trails in the newly designated Honua’ula Forest Reserve off Kaloko Drive for public recreation. The strenuous effort of installing a trail network is ongoing to this day.


He has donated and maintains trail building equipment for PATH and has proposed an initiative for changes to make Ali'i Drive safer for both cyclists and pedestrians.

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